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The .357 Magnum:
An appreciation for the 'first magnum.'
Steve Collins


Of Sixguns and Heroes
Mike Barranti

Why I am a "Sixgun man"
(The first half of my life with revolvers)
By Vern Wimmer

The Bandit who became a General
by David LaPell

A Day in the Life of a Big Game Hunting Guide by Michael Knott

Old Enough To Remember by Chris Schei

The Mary Gun by Mike Barranti

Buck Of A Lifetime By Jeff Myers

The Lion and the Lamb by Kevin Gonzalez

Happy New Year, Mr. Pliskin By Kevin Gonzalez

Sentimental Steel by Glen Barnes

In Search of Elmer's #5 by Gordon Marts

Lubricating Cast Bullets by Glen Fryxell

Confessions of a Magnum-Hater by Mike G

The Bullets of SSK by Glen Fryxell

Cast Hollowpoints - The Next Generation by Glen Fryxell

The Wild Bunch by Jack Fowler

Summer of 38 by Glen Fryxell

Myth of the Gamey by Jack Fowler

A Love For The Classics by Glen Fryxell

A Lesson Relearned by Tom Moore

The Creeker's .44 by Lynn Halstead

Floyd's Mold by Glen Fryxell

Skeeter's Bullets by Glen Fryxell

Cast Bullet Alloys by Glen Fryxell

Starting A Trend by Uncowboy

Missouri Deer Hunt by Paul Moreland

Sunday Afternoon Nap by Tom Moore

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed... by Glen Fryxell

Zeke's Bench

Mrs. Odell Jones by Doc Hudson

#452423 - I Love You by Charles Graf

Cast Bullets and Obturation by Glen Fryxell

Cast Hollow Points by Glen Fryxell

The Safe Handling of Lead by Glen Fryxell

The Simple Act of Fluxing by Glen Fryxell

Variations on a Near Perfect Theme by Glen Fryxell